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We work with business leaders in order to understand their needs and we identify the benefits that such a system could bring to their solution. We then develop and deploy within prescribed Information Service boundaries the most effective solution that supports our customer’s ability to make tactical and strategic decisions.

An effective Decision Support System is one that directly addresses one or more business needs. The most effective solution is able to quantify the business benefit of its implementation.
Our Strength is in able to draw from a variety of experiences implementing Business Intelligence solutions across different industry profiles with different objectives.  We don’t prescribe a one size fits all methodology nor do we prescribe a loosely defined template that we plan to morph at every conversation.

What we bring to the table is the ability to work with the business owners to clearly define the business need and the benefit of such a system and then work within any prescribed Information Service boundaries to develop and deploy the most effective solution that will support your ability to make tactical and strategic decisions

The amount of data available to corporations has grown exponentially in the last decade, however the ability of corporations to mine this data for useful information has not been able to keep pace.  Most medium to large corporations recognize the availability of data and implement mechanisms to collect corporate data in giant non-specific data warehouses and implement a Business Intelligence solution that is too rigid / robust to allow effective layperson / ADHOC querying. Most users / departments who cannot finance a robust BI solution and need to make decisions end up extracting portions of data from different reports / sources and creating their own decision support tools general using Excel / Access.  The inability of giant BI solutions to address majority of DSS needs has resulted in a proliferation of end user created and managed “spread marts” or “spreadsheet marts” in the industry.  The quality of data in these marts are generally directionally correct, but the accuracy varies widely and is dependent on a variety of factors that are hard to control. There are several solutions to build and manage an enterprise or departmental Business intelligence System and there are several strategies to ensure effective decision support.  Often your perspective of the person responsible for solving the problem results in a solution that is more attuned to one (System / Decision support) or the other objectives.

A Typical Business Intelligence solution can be conceptually represented as shown below

Layers of a BI Solution
Figure 1: Layers of a BI Solution

The number of layers or stages are dependent on the “robustness” or “rigidity” of the system and the ability of the solution to serve multiple business needs.