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Solutions      Wireless Solutions

GTI offers modular wireless solutions based on a standardized end-to-end wireless platform. Wireless Sensor and Control networks (WSCN) targeted at particular applications are deployed by adapting the wireless platform to meet the requirements imposed by the application.
The wireless platform extends from the wireless monitoring and control points that form the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) to the Gateway and the Network Operation Center.

The diagram below depicts the modular architecture of the GTI wireless platform as well as the modules that it is formed of.


The WLAN is composed of wireless nodes that form a mesh network that operates in the 2.4 GHz international unlicensed frequency band or the 902– 928 MHz band (only in the USA)
Wireless sensor and control nodes can be

      • Line powered (100 – 240 VAC)

      • Battery powered and solar power recharged

The mesh routing capability embedded in the wireless sensor and control nodes ensures that:

     • Nodes can be distributed over wide geographic areas (square kilometers) through multi-hop topologies

      • The network is self-forming (no manual setup) and self-healing (data always finds a way back to the Gateway)

      • Data reliability through path redundancy guarantees that each packet will make its way to the Gateway

      • Secure communications through state of the art encryption and authentication policies

The Gateway provides bi-directional connectivity between the WSCN and the NOC (Network Operation Center).

The Network Operation Center allows the operator to interface with the wireless Sensor and Control Network.

      • Displays data and process status graphically

      • Allows storage and logging of data (for regulatory compliance)

      • Allows the operator to set up thresholds for alarms based on parameters monitored

      • Allows further analysis of data

GTI is at the forefront of wireless technologies due to long-term involvement in standards and expertise in Wireless Sensor and Control networks. The adherence to existing standards and active participation in emerging wireless standards positions GTI as a wireless power-house. GTI provides interoperable solutions for a wide gamut of applications and markets.