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Technologies   Wireless

Imagine having the capability of remotely monitoring any parameter in the world and then reacting to this data by controlling devices from any location.

Current surroundings are increasingly infiltrated with sensing and control devices that collect vast amounts of data. From monitoring energy consumption and the structural integrity of buildings to monitoring vital signs in human bodies, the emergence of pervasive wireless technologies have a revolutionary impact on our way of life.

Streaming this valuable data into enterprise networks gives businesses unprecedented opportunities in collecting, analyzing and reacting to real-time and real-life data.

New business avenues are opened by embedding wireless technologies into existing or new monitoring and control systems.  

GTI brings this capability to your fingertips. It is now achievable in a very cost effective way through advances in wireless and processing technologies as well as battery chemistries.

GTI can bring you to the forefront of these revolutionary technologies through our multi-disciplinary in-house expertise.